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Donate from as low as 45,000 Ugx!

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Now that our Roof Renovation Project is complete, we can focus on our next most urgent need: replacing the Sanyu pick-up truck. You might think “but they got a new van just a few years ago…” – which is true, but the two vehicles serve such different purposes and are both vital to the day to day running of Sanyu Babies’ Home. There are many errands that need to be run, for which the Sanyu van is not suitable for. Lots of the work that the Social Workers do is out in the field. It is ‘off grid’ where there are often more potholes than road and where roads can turn into rivers in rainy season. The pick-up truck is the only vehicle that can safely navigate these roads due to size of the wheels and height of the vehicle; but with all of the problems facing the pick-up truck, it won’t be long until it will no longer function. This would make it very difficult for the Social Workers to complete their work. The Social Workers need to be able to visit potential family members in the village, meet probation officers, do home-study visits, take children to visit their families and eventually reunite them. All of these activities need a safe and reliable vehicle.

The Kitchen Department rely heavily on the pick-up truck too. The truck is used to collect fresh vegetables and fruit early in the morning from the market; it brings back produce from the Sanyu Farm that is then cooked for the children to eat; and it carries big sacks of charcoal that are used for cooking. The Sanyu Farm is outside of Kampala, and the roads to get there are not good, meaning the van is not suitable for these trips. Having fresh and good quality food for our children to eat is a necessity and without a functioning pick-up truck, getting it will be very difficult. The Nurses rely on the pick-up truck to collect medical supplies needed to keep our Sanyu Children healthy. The truck can be used to transport them to medical appointments or carry items to hospital if a child is admitted. It can be used to rush children to hospital in the middle of the night.

You might be thinking, “Well, what is wrong with the current pick-up truck?” The current truck is old and often breaks down. We have had it for 10 years as it was donated to us in 2012 but was actually manufactured back in 2003 and there are many reoccurring problems, particularly with the engine. These problems not only cost the home a lot of money but can make the truck unsafe to drive and can interrupt the day to day running of the home. Buying a new pick-up truck is estimated to cost US$ 48,020. It is a lot of money and a big project, but a working pick-up truck is essential for the day-to-day running of Sanyu Babies’ Home. Any donations and fundraising efforts would be so appreciated as we start up this project, and we can assure you your support will make a significant difference to all at Sanyu Babies’ Home.

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