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Partner with us by sponsoring a child.

Sponsor a Child

Partner with us by sponsoring a child and help us provide love, stability and protection to the children in our care. When you sponsor a child at Sanyu, you commit to making a monthly donation. This monthly donation is crucial to us as Sanyu Babies’ Home runs almost entirely on donations. Having regular monthly donations that we can depend on means that food can be bought, bills can be paid, medical needs met and loving staff can be given salaries for their work.

When you sponsor a child at Sanyu, you can be partnered with one specific child or you can choose to sponsor the home as a whole. Sometimes people like to choose their child and others like to be assigned any child. If you sponsor a specific child, then each quarter you receive an update and find out about what they have been doing. You really get to know your sponsored child and lots of photos are included too. You find out from their Teacher what they are doing in class, any big achievements that they have made and receive a general update on how everyone else at Sanyu is too. If you choose to not sponsor a specific child, but the home as a whole, then each quarter you receive a general update on the last 3 months at Sanyu.

Does everyone have a sponsor? Currently, no they don’t. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get the same love and care as our sponsored children. You see, by sponsoring a particular child at Sanyu, you are a part of their life but you actually support all the children at Sanyu. Your monthly donation of $15 or 60,000 UGX helps up to 50 babies and toddlers under the care of Sanyu to have hope, to be loved, to be nourished and to go home to their forever family when the time is right.

By sponsoring a child at Sanyu, you are giving a child a second chance at life filled with love, care, and joy. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and Sanyu ensures that. Please get in touch with Barbara ( 0788162147) if you are interested in Sponsorship.

Thank you for all your support

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